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alternative landscapes

anders engebretsen & marit meløe, 2020

Alternative Landscapes is a series of improvised dance performances in public spaces. The work reimagines the body as a living landscape, and explores its relation to city structures in imaginative and playful ways.

 PREMIER - oslo, november 2020

dans:UTE/bærum kulturhus - sandvika, may 2021
nordlysfestivalen - tromsø, june 2021

dans:UTE/bærum kulturhus - asker/sandvika, july 2021

In2It International Dance Festival - kristiansund, october 2021

Trondheim Fringe Festival - trondheim, october 2021


Photo: Brage Pedersen



marit meløe, 2019

acquiescence  | ˌakwɪˈɛsns |

      the reluctant acceptance of something without protest

Acquiescence is an abstract dance work exploring the physical and mental affects of experiencing a stroke.  

Flock Fest - leeds, 2019

Photo: Genevieve Reeves

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